Three cyclists riding Citi Bike on Allen ST, in Manhattan
Feedback Map Open! - Brooklyn Community Boards 14 and 17
A screenshot of the 2023 Brooklyn feedback map. It includes parts of Brooklyn Community Board 14 and 17.


The feedback map for the 2023 Brooklyn Citi Bike expansion, which focuses on Brooklyn Community Boards 14 and 17, is now open!  Neighborhoods in this area include Prospect Park South, Faltbush and, East Flatbush. Users will be able to place down pins on where they would/wouldn't like to see Citi Bike stations.

Please continue to check back to our social media pages (Twitter or Facebook) or this website to be notified of when new maps with new geographies become available. 

Installations are ongoing in Brooklyn! 

Citi Bike station being installed in Bed-Stuy. Workers are using a crane to lift the station into place.


Currently, installations are occuring in Community Board 3  (Bed-Stuy) and will continue south/eastward over the next couple of months. Updated draft plans for Community Boards 3, 8, and 16 are availble. These maps detail the changes from the original draft plan presented to the community boards in spring 2022. 

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