Three cyclists riding Citi Bike on Allen ST, in Manhattan
New York City Bike Share

Bike share provides New Yorkers with a convenient, affordable, and sustainable option for getting around the City. The majority of all transportation trips made in the city are shorter than two miles, a good distance for cycling. Bike share gives New Yorkers a fun, easy, and efficient option for these trips by providing access to sturdy bikes without having to worry about storage or maintenance.

New York City’s current bike share system,"Citi Bike", is a public-private partnership between the City of New York, represented by NYC DOT, and Lyft Bikes, a private company that owns and operates bike share systems around the country. With over 75 million trips since launch, bike share has proven its popularity and as Mayor de Blasio said, “Citi Bike has become part of our public transportation system".

L Train Mitigation - Bushwick

To better serve the Bushwick community during the L train "slowdown", DOT will add Citi Bike stations to provide denser coverage to help residents, visitors, and commuters have a safe and reliable alternative to get where they need to go. DOT plans to install some of these stations in Brooklyn’s Community Boards 4 prior to the start of the L train "slowdown", which is expected to start on April 27th, and additional stations will be installed throughout the summer.

A map of all planned stations is available. The legend in the bottom left will help you better understand the map. Please note that the locations on in the map are subject to change.

DOT has launched a feedback portal where people can comment where in Bushwick they would like to see Citi Bike stations, as well as areas that are not suitable for a station. 

Dockless Bike Share Pilot

For information on the dockless pilots in the Rockways, Bronx, and Staten Island visit the Dockless Bike Share pilot page.

NYC’s Better Bike Share Partnership

The Better Bike Share Partnership a collaboration between NYC DOT, Citi Bike NYC, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and led by community-based organization Bed-Stuy Restoration Corporation. the partnership highlights the importance of bike share to communities as a transit option, a tool for strengthening communities and for personal health benefits. Here’s a look:

Audio described video available:

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