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Installations have begun in Bushwick!

A crew working to install a Citi Bike station on a sidewalk.

The Citi Bike Phase 3 expansion just started in Bushwick, with the installation of a Citi Bike station at Bushwick Ave and DeKalb Ave (in front of the Brooklyn Public Library - DeKalb Branch). Stations will continue to roll out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to Citi Bike's station map to see what stations they install!


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New Daily Ridersip Record! - 100,379

A graphic with a large "100 K" and a Citi Bike next it it. It reads. "Over 100K daily rides for the first time ever. September 21, 2019".

Yesterday (September 21st), Citi Bike surpassed its previous daily ridership record by completing 100,379 trips! 

This is the first time more than 100,000 trips have been completed in one day on Citi Bike or any bikeshare network in America.


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New Daily Ridership Record! - 94,975 Trips

A Citi Bike station located next to a bike lane. There are two Citi Bike riders in the bike lane.

Yesterday (September 17th), Citi Bike surpassed its previous daily ridership record by completing 94,975 trips.

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Free Ride Day - September 21st

A graphic showing "September 21st, Free Ride Day"

Free Ride Day, presented by Healthfirst, is almost here. This Saturday, September 21st, celebrate the last weekend of summer with a free Citi Bike Day Pass, available exclusively on the Citi Bike app.

For more details on how to redeem, please visit Citi Bike's news post.



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Fighting Gridlock: DOT and NYPD Announce 2019 “Gridlock Alert” Days, As Well As Improved Cycling Access During Next Week’s United Nations General Assembly; Citi Bike Offers Gridlock Discount

A flyer for next week's Gridlock Alert Days. showing many cars stuck in traffic. It states that "Trips in Manhattan will take 3 times longer. Please walk, bike or take public transportation."

The New York City Department of Transportation today announced its 2019 Gridlock Alert Days, which for the second year will include the week of United Nations General Assembly (September 23rd to September 30th). Data from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) note that travel speeds in the Midtown Central Business District on those days are slower than on the ten traditional Gridlock Alert days around the November and December holidays.

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