BIKE TO VOTE: Motivate Announces Free Rides on Election Day on Citi Bike, Eight Other Bike Share Systems Across the Country

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Rides in nine urban bike share systems across the country will be free on Election Day, North America’s leading bike share operator Motivate announced today. With a lack of transportation options shown to be a major barrier to voting, Motivate’s new effort aims to provide Americans in some of the country’s largest cities with a no-cost, quick and convenient way to get to the polls on November 6th.

“We want to make it easier than ever to pedal to the polls this Election Day,” said Julie Wood, Motivate spokesperson. “Too many Americans don’t vote because they lack reliable and affordable transportation options. As voters make their plans for November 6, we encourage the millions living in cities served by our bike share networks to take advantage of free rides and use bike share to get to and from the polls.”

Riders across almost every Motivate system can use code BIKETOVOTE in their local bike share app to access a free day pass; In Chicago, Divvy riders must use the code VOTE18 to access the free day pass.

For more information, please read Motivate's full press release