Update: Electric Bikes Returning This Winter, with New Pricing

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Electric Bikes Will Be Back This Winter

Lyft recently announced that pedal-assist electric Citi Bikes, which first debuted last summer 2018, will be returning Winter 2019/2020. Earlier this year, the e-bikes were pulled amid braking issues. The new e-bikes will have a different brake setup, as well as new battery supplier, and several hundred bikes will be launched.

Different Pricing Scheme

Initially, there were plans to charge $2 per e-bike ride. Lyft also announced that this flat rate would be changing. This new pricing scheme would charge users for the amount of time they use the e-bikes. The amount are below:

There are addition details regarding this pricing schemes, exceptions, and additional details regarding new changes to the fees related to extra times. Please read Citi Bike's blog for more details.