How it Works

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Citi Bike will give New Yorkers access to sturdy, safe bikes at self-service docking stations around the city. People can use the bikes by becoming long- or short-term members. Annual members enroll online and receive a touch pass for unlocking bikes. For one- or seven-day memberships, users can sign up at any station kiosk with a credit card. The bikes can be returned to any station in the system, creating an efficient network with many possible points and combinations of departure and arrival. With membership, users can take an unlimited number of trips. For annual members, the first 45 minutes of every trip comes at no additional charge. Short term (24 hour & 7 day) members get the first 30 minutes of every trip at no extra charge.

New York City is introducing Citi Bike to provide New Yorkers with more options for getting around the city. Most trips (54%) that New Yorkers make are less than two miles, a perfect distance for riding a bike. Citi Bike will give New Yorkers a cheap, easy, efficient and fast option for these short trips by providing ready access to a bike, without having to worry about storage or maintenance.

Where can you go with bike share? Here are a few maps that show the range of destinations available just a short bike trip away, starting from Washington Square Park, Penn Station and Schaefer Landing, the East River Ferry stop in South Williamsburg.


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Washington Square





































Schaefer Landing