"Citi Bike L Train Mitigation - Bushwick" Feedback Portal is live!

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To better serve the Bushwick community during the L train "slowdown", DOT will add Citi Bike stations to provide denser coverage to help residents, visitors, and commuters have a safe and reliable alternative to get where they need to go. DOT plans to install some of these stations in Brooklyn’s Community Boards 4 prior to the start of the L train "slowdown", which is expected to start on April 27th, and additional stations will be installed throughout the summer.

DOT has launched a feedback portal where people can comment where in Bushwick they would like to see Citi Bike stations, as well as areas that are not suitable for a station. Please be aware that this map is designed to be used for specific locations. When writing your comment, please state why or why not the location is good for a location. The more specific the comment, the better informed our planners are.

Small comment box explaining a location good for a Citi Bike station.