Citi Bike E-Bikes, returns to the system fleet

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Lyft announced that, starting today, pedal-assist electric Citi Bikes, which first debuted summer 2018, will be returning to the system fleet. The e-bikes were originally pulled due to braking issues. These new bikes are a different model from the earlier bikes, and 250 will be available starting today. By the end of 2020, the number of available bikes bikes will reach several thousand. 

Initially, there were plans to charge a flat $2 fee to use an e-bike. There is a different pricing model for using e-bikes. They differ depending on the type of membership the person has. They are

In addition, the total extra charge will be capped at $2, if the ride is less than 45 minutes and if the ride starts or ends outside of Manhattan. For more information on how electric Citi Bikes work, please visit Citi Bike's website.