4,000 Electric Bikes and 13 New Stations for Citi Bike.

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Starting today, Citi Bike will be adding  4,000 electric bikes over the coming monthsWhen this rollout is complete, approximately one-third of all Citi Bikes in the fleet will be electric. In addition, Citi Bike is currently adding 13 new Citi Bike stations to its busiest areas, and 2,500 more docks to existing and new stations as a part of the NYC DOT & Citi bike "infill plan". 

Starting on April 27th 2019, it will be an additional $2 per ride to use an electric Citi Bike. For members of Reduced Fare Bike Share, it will be an additional $.50 per ride.

For more information, please read Citi Bike's Press release


A row of Citi Bikes, all with a lightning bold on the back fender. This shows it is an electric bike.